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April 17, 2015

Post 58 – The Hurricane: Aftermath (Part 3)

The final resting place of the banyan tree.

The final resting place of the banyan tree.

The three older girls stood in row and stared at the death of their childhood before them. Riding out the storm on soaking wet mattresses with a yowling cat giving birth in a closet was nothing compared to this, the first huge loss of their young lives. Leaves were everywhere and there seemed to be an increase in the now homeless bug population scuttling about. The once mighty banyan, proud surveyor of Tafuna and the jungle whose perimeter it had guarded, protector of secrets and troll dolls, had finally met its match in a wind gust clocked at 120 miles per hour. Large chunks of branches were strewn about perilously close to someone’s house.

“This is so terrible. Should we sing something in its honor? ” asked Carolyn, racking her musical data base to try to come up with a song that had the words “banyan”, “hurricane”, or “pulverized” in it. Being her father’s daughter, she had just decided on a parody called “The Best Things in Life Are Tree” when a shout rang out across the littered sand. “Hey, there’s free ice cream!”

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