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September 3, 2012

Chapter 1: Post 1 — The Terror of the Trolls

As the Pan Am jet banked and began its descent, the girl pushed her slightly crooked bangs out of her eyes and stared out the smeared window, straining for a glimpse of her new home. The visibility was zero and since she couldn’t see anything below, she wondered how the pilot could. There was supposed to be land down there somewhere, but the shrouds of clouds that enveloped the plane seemed to have swallowed up the island as well. She rubbed the nubby fabric on her armrest nervously and touched the metal pair of wings that was pinned to her thin shift. The stewardess had told her that it made her an honorary pilot. She hoped that wouldn’t be necessary.

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September 1, 2012

This is How You Begin

The Samoan Letters started life as a four year correspondence from a family that had moved from suburban Detroit to American Samoa in 1964. Actually, it was my family, which is how I know all this stuff.

For the full story on that, check out Introduction – The Blook. If you’ve just found The Blook, go to Post One and wade right in. Or maybe you’ve been reading right along from the beginning, so just start with the most recent post. And if you’re feeling kind of non-linear, man, just start anywhere. You’ll catch up eventually.

New feature: The early chapters will start appearing as links at the top of the page so they can be read in sequence without scrolling (because we all know how exhausting that activity can be!)

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