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March 6, 2015

Post 51 – Caviar of the Sea

The chickens are dyed pastel colors for Easter.

The chickens are dyed pastel colors for Easter.

A year and a half into the two-year contract, nothing much phased the family anymore. Pigs in the road were to be expected. Parades with marching men in lava lavas followed by floats full of tie-dyed chickens happened on a regular basis. Five inches of rain in an hour simply meant the laundry would take a little longer to dry. Gradually, the extraordinary had become mundane.

Larry felt that they had become too acclimated. Although they had moved to a new culture, they had brought comfort items and bad habits from home. Jean and Larry had sampled some of the native-flavored foods on the island, but the children were picky eaters and remained stubbornly loyal to more traditional fare. Carolyn still refused to eat many meals, preferring to wait until there was something she really liked and then stocking up by having several helpings. Larry decided that some tough love was going to be needed to force the children out of their comfort zone.

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